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i was getting a home equity loan at an amazing rate 1.99% for 15 months at suntrust bank. i was assured no problem..i went to dania tesla motors and in good faith left $2500.

deposit on a car in inventory not special order on saturday after 5pm.mon bank calls me and said my house is in trust and cannot get home equity loan.i called tesla and spoke to s.m.tess by 10a.m. car really not off market and had explained to me deposit was because car was off market.

i feel they lost no time with car and i went on line and they have refunded other customers. no matter what they had me sign my intentions were honest,not theirs.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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What does the paperwork say? If the deposit was non-refundable, you are out of luck and should have not done it.

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